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Thursday, December 18th, 2014 3:57pm
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Golfers, welcome! Good to have you. Just to be clear, we’re not here to argue whether one sport is better than the other, we say come one, come all. If recent reports are to be believed, more and more people are being drawn to the joys of cycling, especially from the golfing fraternity (hi MAMILS! (Middle Aged Men In Lycra Shorts)) – this Google Trends graph shows people's search interests over time:

To help out all you golfers who aren’t quite sure why we spend hours on the same roads or hundreds of pounds on a new helmet, and maybe are thinking of taking up cycling, we present to you…

The golfers guide to cycling

Clubs = bike

We know you guys need a good set of clubs, and heck we know the importance of making your game better when you get to use the best of the best, and we can totally compare this to our need for a top quality bike.

John Fischer

Not just any bike…we need the best of the best, and if a better one should come out a few months after we’ve just purchased a new one? Chances are we’ll buy it too. Lightweight full suspension, full carbon frame, we can’t stop; it’s an obsession.

Why have one set of clubs when you can have five? Can you relate? Course you can – you’re a golfist.

Polo shirt = lycra

We sometimes want to offer you a few fashion tips, because we wouldn’t mind seeing you out of the polo top and into some bib shorts, but again when we’re top-to-toe in lycra, (although we know everyone loves it)  we’ll just keep quiet.


So, we understand the popular disapproval of your sportswear, and we empathise because you golfers, like us cyclists know you look good and everyone else is simply wrong.

Plus you have to walk the walk if you’re going to talk the talk, so it’s an all or nothing scenario and for cyclists and golfers we both know it’s ALL.

Visor = helmet

Visors, we can identify with (to an extent). They may not look fantastic, but they serve their purpose and as above you don’t need to care what other people think.

Our helmets look good and serve a purpose and although not every cyclist wears a helmet, and not every golfer wears a visor, the guys who do, want the best.


We want our helmets to be aerodynamic, light, breathable and of course, aesthetically pleasing, and that’s pretty much universal – road cyclists, MTBers and cyclocross riders – helmets need to have it all, and anything that will make you that little bit better by blocking the sun out or speeding you up – we’re both interested in.

Golf shoes = SPDs

Your spikey shoes mean as much to you as our SPDs mean to us – they make everything better, faster, more efficient and we couldn’t imagine life without them.

Gary Goldberg

For road cyclists and lots of mountain bikers they're a necessity – you don’t want to slip on your swing and we don’t want to come loose from our pedals. To us it makes perfect sense, to everyone else it probably doesn’t.

But do we care? No. Why not? Because it makes us better at our game, and really it’s the numbers on the board that mean the most to us. SPDs for life!

Fairway = the open road

Ah the sanctuary. The picturesque view, forget everything in your head…the bliss of seeing an open fairway to play on is exactly how we feel when we get out on the road.


This doesn’t need much explaining. You know how it feels when you arrive at a course you’ve never played on before and you know it’s going to be good, or you roll up to the course you play on every week as a failsafe good run.

Michael J Slezak

It’s your safe haven, and golfers a long winding fairway is our open road.

The rough = mountain bike trail

Some cyclists like it rough – even though that's traditionally a golfer's no-go zone. Mountain bikers like nothing more than a gnarly or flowing trail to test their skills, and when you get views like this from the top of a mountain, can you blame them?

So when golfers get their ball in the rough and need to get it out, be safe in the knowledge that it isn’t all open roads and coastal rides for cyclists and that some of us take our best shot in the rough too.

The green = fresh tarmac

When golfers get their ball on the fairway your elation is precisely equal to the happiness we feel on fresh, smooth tarmac.


The fast-running smooth road, even spread and new smell that greets us as we begin our ride knowing our tyres will be safe and not worn down, is just as delightful as the feeling you get hitting a sweet shot from the carpet-like softness of the fairway. It’s all relative!

Rain = rain

We’re not fair weather cyclists, and you guys aren’t always fair weather golfers, but some of us just don't enjoy riding in the rain or snow.


So although downhill mountain bike riders might enjoy bouncing through the puddles on a mountain bike trail, road cyclists will be avoiding that dip on the road in case the depth of the puddle is misjudged!


We can’t say we’ve never seen a golfer in the rain, but we don’t see that many – so we are all akin with the dislike for the most brutal of elements.

Driving range = turbo trainer

When it feels like it won’t ever stop raining and we’re getting itchy feet from not getting outside we turn to our trusty friend, the turbo trainer. Always there when we need them most, and although it isn’t the same as getting out on a ride it keeps the fitness levels high and boredom at bay.

elite cycling + enineering

So when you guys can’t get out to a course, we understand. You head to your local driving range hit a few balls, keep on point and don’t let yourself out of the game.

We don’t take this lightly you know, we’re amateur athletes and we won’t be beaten by some bad weather. 

Tan lines = tan lines

We can't help it, we do try. We wear the sun cream and try to stay out of the sun during peak times but we can't avoid it. The sun loves us, and we can't decide whether golfers and cyclists end up looking ridiculous or golden brown?

Secret in the dirt

So what do you think? Have we made it easy for the golfing community to understand us and our cycling ways?

We are pretty similar…just make sure you don't give up on the sport you enjoy guys. 

Gregor Maclennan

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