Jeremy Clarkson invited to present CRC Hub Show

Friday, March 27th, 2015 10:29am
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Photo by Tony Harrison on Flickr Sacked Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has been approached by Chain Reaction Cycles to present the Hub Show,  a global internet show about cycling.

Chain Reaction Cycles realised that Clarkson would be an interesting, if provocative co-presenter for The Hub Show, a fortnightly magazine programme about road cycling and mountain biking. Clarkson would work alongside the show’s charismatic main host, Matt Cole.

“We’ve been looking for a co-presenter who would go the extra mile and really add a punch to the show,” said Neil Morris, Chain Reaction Cycles’ Marketing Director. “I realise that he’s not always been a big fan of cycling and cyclists, but we all thought that he might be up for taking a different look at a different mode of transport, whilst moving his career up a gear.”

Chain Reaction Cycles will be inviting Jeremy in for a screen test and interview for the show next Wednesday, April 1st. If he agrees to attend, he’ll be facing questions about his interest in cycling, his empathy for cyclists and the issues he feels are most relevant to the world of cycling.

Matt Cole, Hub Show presenter, says “We’re already planning some nutrition specials for the show, and given Jeremy’s apparent expertise on the importance of protein in your diet, his input will be invaluable.”

Chain Reaction Cycles is still awaiting a response from Jeremy Clarkson’s team to see if he’ll take up the opportunity.

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