James Golding, big-mile charity cyclist and CRC-supported rider

Thursday, April 11th, 2013 11:07am
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James Golding, big-mile charity cyclist and CRC-supported rider
Hi, my name’s James Golding. You may know me, you may have heard of me, you may have ridden with me or you might not know me at all but on November 13th 2008 my life changed forever.

I’ve got so much that I’d love to talk about and could go on forever but I’ve been told to keep it short so for the first blog I thought I’d introduce myself and try to save the rest for later or we could be here a while.

James Golding, big-mile charity cyclist and CRC-supported rider

Since then I've had cancer, septicemia, peritonitis, dropped from 14 to six stone, had less than 5% chance of survival, I’ve had to relearn how to walk and ride a bike, I’ve been hit by a truck, ridden 3,500 miles across America (averaging 145miles a day), been diagnosed again, had more chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, had a little boy (well Louise did) that I was told would never happen and we've raised nearly £2m for charity.

Now I’m planning and training to break two cycling world records over the next 18 months.

The first is the Seven Day Cycling record of 1,546 miles in seven days that’s officially stood since 1940. The second is the Around the World record of 18,000 miles (around the world) in under 100 days which currently stands at 105 days.

As this is the first blog I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone that has supported me in whatever way over the last few years and for the comments following some of the recent press since our launch. I wouldn't have been able to do anything we have without you and we wouldn't be making the plans we are now.

I’m going to be blogging on a regular basis, sharing the progress, the stuff on my mind, training, nutrition, the people, the team and some of the kit we’re using. But for now it’s about spending the next 10 days riding the roads of Portugal (which aren't to be underestimated) to see where we’re at, we know where we've been and we know where we want to get to.

Ride For A Reason – One Step At A Time.

Thanks again

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