How to build a kid’s bike using two Ikea stools

Thursday, March 28th, 2013 12:54pm
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The internet’s an amazing place, full of the weird, wonderful and everything in between. It’s transformed the way we ride our bikes, share our experiences, plot new routes, buy new parts and so much more over the last 20 years.

There’s also been an explosion in ‘how-to’ type articles and videos, which have opened a new world for home mechanics or those wishing to carry out regular bike maintenance. But what about if you’d like to build your own bike? Yep, there’s tips for that too – and our favourite at the moment is for this Ikea bike, built from two birch plywood stools, with the addition of a few custom parts.

Why not give it a go yourself, and add a few upgrades courtesy of Chain Reaction Cycles? We can see a few tweaks possible, especially in the saddle area! See for yourself below, and if you build your own bike, get in touch – we’d love to see it! 

If making bikes is one step too far for you, take a look at our awesome children's models – including balance bikes, learner bikes with stabilisers and plenty more.


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