CRC staff chat: John Bann-Lavery

Friday, March 22nd, 2013 3:37pm
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We chat to the people behind Chain Reaction Cycles; what they ride, what they do and miles they ride!

Name: John Bann-Lavery

Age: 33

Hometown: Belfast

Role at CRC: E-Commerce Catalogue Manager

What does your day consist of?
A 10 mile ride to work in the morning sets me up well for the day ahead.

When I reach the office I normally study reports relating to product content on the website. I then discuss resulting priorities with colleagues to help ensure that the content is as complete as it can be in terms of images, descriptions and supporting information.

I am currently looking at ways to make the presentation of our product information even better – so I work on initiatives to improve related processes and procedures.

Other daily tasks include liaising with the various product category teams to consider and implement changes to the online catalogue.

During the day, any breaks from desk-work and meetings usually involve a cycling-related discussion with colleagues!

Cycling disciplines you do?
Mainly road and mountain-bike, and I’ve been known to ride my bike to the pub too (does that count as a cycling discipline?). I raced a bit on the track as a youngster.

How many miles a week do you do?
I do around 150 miles each week between commuting, riding on the road and hitting the mountain-bike trails.

What bikes do you have?
I have a new ‘Vitus Rapide 29’ mountain-bike for my adventures on the trails and I ride a ‘Ridley Excalibur’ on the road.

The Vitus is really nice, super-light and the big wheels are a joy to roll along on the trails with!

The Ridley is a great wee bike too. It’s a carbon frame, which is nice and responsive, kitted out with a Shimano Ultegra groupset and a classic set of ‘Mavic Helium’ wheels from the year 2000.

I also have a ‘Colnago Master Extra-Light’ steel frame that I used to race on and I plan to refurbish it as a future project.

Plans for 2013?
I aim to ride some more open races on the road this year, just for fun, and I’d like to ride a big Sportive event too.

Now that I’ve got my new ‘Vitus Rapide 29’ I look forward to riding some mountain-bike events, as well as making regular weekend trips to the new purpose-built mountain-bike trails here in Northern Ireland. 


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