CRC release revolutionary new iTech Bike Checker device

Friday, March 29th, 2013 5:02pm
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Chain Reaction Cycles have pioneered a new bike scanning device which detects component and accessory-wear, triggering automatic replenishment through the company’s integrated software system.

How does it work?

Simply place the WiFi-enabled iTech in front of your bike after every ride and it will automatically scan your components, including the chainrings, tyres, chain, disc rotors, disc pads, and if the iTech detects any excessive wear it will automatically send replacements from the CRC site, based on your preset preferences and the best deals at the time. There’s also an option just to receive email alerts as to the state of your parts.

Enabled by CRC’s own warehousing software which integrates with a custom Farfetch system, the iTech has been created to avoid any unwanted trail breakdowns, road hiccups or commuting catastrophes – warning you when something’s wrong and replacing consumables as and when necessary.

Gary Snodwinkle, Lead Developer of the iTech has been overwhelmed by the speedy development and production of the new device, saying: “This is without a doubt one of the most advanced scanning devices ever created, not only for bikes but generally. What started out as a conceptual wish has become a cyclists’ dream.” 

We'll be selecting 100 lucky readers to get a free iTech one month before its release later this year. Interested? Just leave a comment below.

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