Sam Hill smashes another Top 5 at the Enduro World Series

Monday, May 15th, 2017 9:09am
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Team Chain Reaction Cycles Mavic raced at the third round of the Enduro World Series in Madeira over the weekend, where Sam Hill finished in fifth place and Nigel Page won second in the Masters category. Elliott Heap suffered a mechanical which put an end to his race weekend.

Team Manager Nigel Page was there to bring us this report:

Round three of the Enduro World Series took us to the amazing island of Madeira. This was the first time any of us had been to Madeira so we didn’t really know what to expect.

Before we even got the bikes out it seemed wild as we flew into the airport landing on a manmade bridge over the ocean. Pretty cool!

Typical for a mountain bike race for the first day of practice it was raining a lot which made it super hard work on the very diverse tracks. This was a big two-day stage race with four tracks on day one and five tracks on day two.

Pagey’s Madeira EWS stage overview

  1. One of the toughest stages I have ever ridden with lots of pedalling across the highest meadows of the Madeira mountains before dropping into some greasy switchback turns towards the end of the stage and over nine minutes long for even the top pros.
  2. Pedally and slow at the start, with a climb which then led into more singletrack and got a bit steeper towards the end.
  3. Wild! All downhill with the top half of the track on the slickest rocks I have ever ridden, hard on the body and hands then some flat pedalling before the last rad downhill section in the trees.
  4. Amazing: a super cool steep fresh downhill track that was loose. The first dry stage of the race.
  5. Another lung buster – a long stage through the woods, it was super slippery with a lot of flat sections to keep you on the pedals but many rocks and roots to catch you out.
  6. Good with a lot of diverse riding – some steep technical sections, some pedalling and some fast stuff again pretty slippery mostly in the trees.
  7. Basically a downhill track and was super rough, rocky roots and wild towards the bottom. A great stage though.
  8. Crazy! Dropping in from one of the highest points over the cliffs looking down onto the ocean. Jaw dropping views but a bit scary with the trail only feet from the cliff edge. It was amazing to ride with some cool steep sections and big rocks.
  9. One of the shortest but so good to ride. Some great singletrack to start off, tricky sections and through a manmade hut then it dropped into some rocky fields flat out old school downhill style taped wide with big rocks to avoid in the ground. On race day the sun and crowds were amazing on this stage.

Race day

Saturday came around and the weather picked up. Stage one was going to be tough but it was a lot harder than we thought.

Poor Elliott Heap who was definitely a contender for the win in Under-21 men only got three corners in before his jockey wheel on his rear mech flew off,  just a completely freak thing and that was his whole race over (if you don’t complete a stage then you’re not allowed to race the others).

Sam Hill was down in 24th in Elite men after stage one but never gave up and battled through the next three stages to finish the first day in 12th place.

I had a rough start – not recovering physically after stage one for stage two – and crashing on stage two giving my head a good bang. But I got it together for stages three and four to move into second place in the Masters category.

Sam and myself were more looking forward to day two with some amazing tracks but very hard work again but more gravity-fed.

Sam battled through, moving all the way up to fourth place with two stages to go and eventually dropping one place to finish the race in fifth. What a result for the downhill legend. Awesome work buddy, and as everywhere we go in the world the fans are so excited to see and meet the man and their hero.

I managed to hold onto second place having a good battle with ex-World Cup cross-county rider Michael Broderick and I was super pleased to narrowly bag a stage win on the final stage. What an awesome track. Well done again to Karim Amour who smoked us all in the Masters.

It was amazing to finish the race down on the beach and get a well earned couple of beers.

Thanks Madeira, it was super tough but awesome trails. I hope to come back here to just ride and enjoy the trails some day.

Thanks to Jacy for keeping the bikes going, Fraser for the pictures and all our sponsors for the support.

Cheers and Obrigado Madeira


Madeira Enduro World Series 2017 results

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