Report and video: Chris McGlinchey at UK Downhill Series Round 1

Thursday, February 28th, 2013 5:25pm
Category: MTB

Team CRC-Nukeproof-Ireland rider Chris McGlinchey raced at the first round of the Borderline Events UK Downhill Series in Innerleithen, Scotland, over the weekend, eventually finishing in sixth – a great result given the young rider's injury woes during 2012.

Here's his report:

I just took delivery of my new 2013 Nukeproof Pulse during the week so was very excited to get everything packed and head off to Scotland with my team mate Ben Kennedy to race at one of my favorite UK tracks.

I arrived on Friday afternoon to walk the track and was really looking forward to riding the next day, it had a good mixture of flat out rough sections and technical tricky sections to test everyone. Saturday's practice went well, it was hard at first to get used to the track as it was so fast and tight but after a few runs I was starting to feel pretty good and got my lines sorted for race day. I was so impressed at how the new bike rode, it was so stable over all the rough sections and was easy to throw around all the tight turns I just wanted to keep busting out runs but knew I had to stop before I got too tired. I had a nice feast back at the apartment and got an early night ready for race day.

Race day rolled up and I wasn’t really sure what to expect as it was my first race overseas as an Elite. I got some food and headed up for my first race run. I felt like I had a really good run, I hit all of my lines and came down with a time of 3.09 which was only good enough for sixth. I knew I had to push it harder for the second run to try and shave a few seconds off my time. I got some more grub, put a few tear offs on my new 100% Accuri goggles and headed up for my second run. I made a few mistakes in the top half of my second run and tried to make it up in the lower half and managed to come down in a time of 3.05 which kept me in sixth place.

Check out my Contour headcam of the track:

I was happy with how the weekend went and I’m now looking forward to heading out to Malaga in a few weeks time to get some more riding done before my 1st major race of the year at Fort William Scotland for the 2nd round of the British Downhill Series.

Results can be found here –

Big thanks to all my sponsors for the constant support – Chain Reaction Cycles, Nukeproof, Schwalbe, 100% Eyewear and Contour.

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