Jaw-dropping Sam Hill edit roosting Aussie dust

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019 10:34am
Category: MTB

Mavic have released an edit featuring Team CRC Mavic legend Sam Hill and fellow Mavic rider Kilian Bron. This is just a teaser of a lengthier video being released later this year. We reckon it’s the best yet of 2019!

It’s cool to be able to ride with the people who work at Mavic and enjoy sort of the same passion each other bounds ideas of each other about product and new products and what we like and don’t like. Just see their excitement to get out on a bike !

Riding with Kilian and being able to show him some of my local and home trails was an awesome experience and he had no trouble keeping up in the dusty conditions, so yeah it was pretty cool! Sam Hill.

Watch it now:

Some incredible pics from the ride [Photos by Pierre Henni]

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