How to install a Mavic MTB tubeless wheelset

Friday, February 1st, 2019 3:23pm
Category: MTB

Ever wondered how to install a tubeless Mavic mountain bike wheelset? These are the very wheels that our staff rider, Geoff, piloted around this year’s Strathpuffer cross-country endurance race in Scotland.

Here’s how it’s done:

➤ Insert the valve to the rim piece by piece.
➤ Fit one side of the tyre into the rim. Always start opposite the valve and work towards it.
➤ Fit the second side of the tyre. Again, start opposite the valve and work towards it.
➤ Check the tyre is on each side of the valve
➤ Check the tyre is seated onto the rim channel
➤ Using the valve removal tool, remove the valve core
➤ Apply the applicator bottle to the valve core and turn the wheel.
➤ Insert the pump and inflate until the tyre pops
➤ Re-insert valve core after the tyre is sealed. Try not to lose too much pressure.
➤ Check to see if the tyre is sealed all the way around
➤ Inflate to desired pressure

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