4X Pro Tour Series: Szczawno- Zdrój race report

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012 11:26am
Category: MTB

Michael crashed out in his first heat and Lukas took ninth place overall.

"Poland's always an amazing venue, and this year was just the same! So many spectators there made for a great atmosphere," Lukas said.

"Qualifications and main finals were in the same day. I rode my best qualifying run ever, which I won and took first place. Michael took sixth place which was great for us!

Before the main event started, heavy rain changed the whole race to a real mudfest – the race was terrible in that rain. Michael crashed in the first heat from first place and his race was done in the first round. I won the first two heats and than in the quarter final I missed the gate a little bit and lost my speed in the first turn. I finished third and I was knocked out of the race, taking ninth overall.
With three races to go in the series I'm still in second place which is not bad!"


Michael [front] and Lukas check the course during a practice run



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