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This is why the Megavalanche is completely insane

Wednesday, June 6th, 2018 11:05am
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The air is thin, much thinner than you’re used to. The early morning sun is hot on your wrists as you twist your grip hard on the handlebars. A tingle of sweat, meandering down your back, alerts you to how nervous you truly are.

Ahead is an alien terrain, a desert in the clouds. Around you is a jostling, whooping, cacophony of riders in their hundreds: waiting.

While the air lacks oxygen, it’s thick with nerves, maybe even fear. The moment arrives before you expect it, and the whoops of nervous energy fall still. The veneer of snow on the mountain side glints with expectation. A foreboding quiet spills over the rock and dust in the distance. The hairs on your nape jolt upright. The time has come. It’s now or never. Your heart thuds. The pedal goes down. Here we go.

The Megavalance, taking place on July 2 to 8 in the French Alpes, is one of the most adrenaline-charged cycling events in the world, and its statistics make for some chilling reading.

Check out our infographic on this year’s event, as we highlight exactly why taking part in the Megavalanche is completely insane, and the most intense experience you can have on two wheels.

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