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How to make a cake out of bike parts

Monday, November 27th, 2017 2:22pm
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Cycling and cake go hand in hand so we thought what better way to celebrate this partnership than by making a ‘cake’ out of bike parts!

Inspired by nappy cakes found at many a baby shower (and all over Pinterest) we decided a bike version would be way cooler! We know this is completely over the top, but imagine surprising a bike fanatic with this showstopper? Worth it? We think so.

We’ve put together this handy step-by-step guide to make one of your own. Here’s how.

Our inspiration

Here’s some nappy cakes we saw online.

Now on to the bike version…

Be prepared

As well as bike clothing and components that will make the tiers, you’ll need the following items to bond it all together and make the ‘cake’ look as realistic as possible.
These other items include:
• Scissors
• Sticky tape
• String
• Fancy ribbon
• A cake stand
• Sticky letters (not compulsory – any decorations can be added to suit your style.)
• Elastic bands

So let’s get started. Firstly you’ll need your bike kit and clothing. Here’s what we used (you can of course choose anything you like)
• Water bottles (x13)
• Socks
• 100% Goggles
• 100% Helmet
• Troy Lee Designs jersey
• Nukeproof T-shirt
• Endura rain cape
• Easton Grips
• Clif energy bar
• Gels
• Chain
• Cleaning bucket
• Bar tape
• High 5 4:1 poweder keg and sachets
• Vittoria Tyre
• SiS energy tablets

Let’s begin

Start with a cake base (we used a 12 inch version). Add something to the centre to make a strong core, like this Dirt Wash cleaning kit.

Next up, place water bottles around the circumference of your cake base (not on the base, but around). Fix in place with wire ribbon, in the colour of your choice.

Next, create a platform with a square of cardboard that you can start to lay the rolled up garments on to. Roll the jerseys into a squat, swiss roll shapes, fixing with elastic bands (these can be hidden out of sight by ribbons etc later).

We used a Vittoria tyre on the next layer, to lock in the jerseys and hide some of the elastic bands. This was decorated with sticky glitter letters.

Once again create a core using something like a whey protein powder keg (we used High 5) in the centre and build around it with the soft, rolled up jerseys.

Roll individual socks up. These are perfect for filling in smaller gaps created by the T-shirts and jerseys. Fix with elastic bands.

Tie another ribbon around this tier to lock the socks and tops in place.

To add greater height, balance the empty 100% Racecraft goggles on to the top of the whey protein keg. Cover up gaps using pouches of protein powder (attached to the box using double sided tape). Only cover up the bottom section of the goggle box, as the full face helmet will be going on to the top section next – the crowning glory!

Once you’ve added the full face helmet to the top of your cake, you can go back and fill in any gaps using bar tape rolls, energy gels, bars, grips and chains. Your design is completely up to your own style!

So there you have it! How to make a cake out of bike parts! So what do you think of our project? A big waste of time or something you’d love to see next time you celebrate a birthday or special occasion?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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