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Ten ideas to help you crush the day of the dip

Friday, January 12th, 2018 8:50am
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Friday 12 January is the date people in the UK are most likely to give up on their New Year fitness resolutions, but The Hub refuses to let you go out like that.

Make it through today, and you’ll be statistically more likely to keep your fitness goals in focus, with every day of additional training adding to your likelihood of staying on the wagon.

The data comes from sport tracking software company Strava, who have used their gigantic bank of 4 million activity uploads to pinpoint the day it goes south for many fitness newcomers.

Gareth Mills from Strava said: “Sticking to resolutions is hard and we all know there’s a lot of talk and pressure in January about getting fitter and being healthier.

“A key factor in success is motivation, and analysing millions of activity uploads, we’ve been able to pinpoint the day your motivation is most likely to waver.”

If motivation is what you need, we’ve got it. Here’s a selection of top tips and ideas to help you make it through today and onto a year of fitness success.

The Hub’s top tips for beating the day of the dip


Set a goal

According to Strava’s research, the most effective way to keep up your training is to ‘set a goal’. Some 92% of those training with a goal in mind were still training 10 months later.

It’s a good idea to help cement your aim, either by writing it down, or by telling loved ones or work colleagues, so that someone is holding you to account and keeping an eye when those ‘rest days’ begin to mount up.


Join a club

Club members take part in 46% more activities, according to Strava’s data. Have a search online for cycling, running, or even walking clubs near you today – not tomorrow!


Find a workout buddy

Having a friend calling or texting you to hit the gym or grab your bike makes you get involved with 22% more activities, the figures reveal. It’s also a great way to make your activities more fun and rewarding, so this is a great tip.


Become a morning person

Apparently, morning larks are 43% more consistent in their training. Whether bleary-eyed mornings will motivate or demotivate you will depend very much on the kind of person you are, but according to the numbers, it’s seems a very effective strategy.


Start commuting

Those who commute by bike or by jogging do 43% more activity – plus they have to devote less time to fitting their training into their schedule.


Treat yourself to some new gear

A fresh pair of attractive trainers, some spanking new bike tyres, or some gloriously fresh gym gear could give you all the motivation you need to get you back in the saddle, on the road, or your back on the bench.

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Track your progress

If you’ve only been training for a couple of weeks, it’s a bit early to expect to see results, which is probably why so many throw in the towel. It can take around four to six weeks before your efforts start to show, but when they do, you’ll feel incredible and your training will become a passion instead of a pain. One option is to get a fitness tracker so you can follow your progress digitally, which is a little more accurate than just peering wearily at your waistline.

Check out a few of these Strava compatible trackers to help you monitor your progress as you approach your goal.

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