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Friday, April 13th, 2018 3:49pm
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The International Day of Dirt is just around the berm, and Chain Reaction Cycles is giving you the chance to win a £2399 Nukeproof Mega in the run-up to the biggest mountain biking event of the year. 

The trailblazing day of mountain biking action takes place on 21 April 2018, giving you the ability to join riders across 95 countries for a world-wide test of the planet’s most exciting trails.

Organised by Chain Reaction Cycles, mountain bikers can choose from any of the 113,356 participating trails to take part. You can locate your nearest trail by checking out now for full details.

Three special events will also be included as part of the International Day of Dirt: Revolution Bike Park, Sea Otter Classic in the USA, and Kalamunda Mountain Park in Australia.

Over the past few weeks, The Hub has been deluged on Instagram with impressive videos of riders around the world crushing their local trail, building daring dirt jumps, and diving into downhill as they sharpen their skills ahead of the event.

With only a few days to go, The Hub wants you to share your equally impressive pedalling posts, tagging us with either #DayofDirt#RideRepeat, or #ChainReactionCycles.

The best videos will not only receive international fame and acclaim from The Hub, but earn a chance to win a dream bike – The Nukeproof Mega 275 Comp Bike, armed with a Shimano SLX 11-speed groupset, RockShox suspension, Nukeproof Neutron wheelset, and Maxxis High Roller tyres.


So far, we’ve received hundreds of videos, with riders around the world showcasing their skills, their stuff, and their sense of humour.

Have a look at some of our favourite entries so far for some inspiration.

Once that’s out of the way, get out there, wreck it, film it, tag us, and you could be riding away on this awesome Nukeproof.

The first video is from Heikli (@anttikill) in Rovaniemi, Finland, who has had the bike in storage over the winter and is carrying out a bit of maintenance ahead of dedicated Day of Dirt practice. We usually pat our bikes on the headset, because – obviously – that’s where the head is, while the saddle is surely the… never mind.

A post shared by Heikki Illikainen (@heikli) on

Our next post is from French downhill and enduro rider, Mathieu (@mathieu_ktn). Here he is crushing a berm and looking quite the contender, especially in the ‘Best Dressed’ category. Check out those yellow hubs, too – nice.

A post shared by Riviere Noé (@noe_rvr.mtb) on

@the_avenger_rider impresses with this slow-mo 15 footer drop. We love the reaction of the bike’s suspension, eating up that big drop from above. Brave to attempt the bar-turn at the top. Could have styled that out a little longer in our opinion, but 7/10 – would watch again.

A post shared by The Average Rider (@the_average_rider) on

Now we’re talkin’. @mountain_bike_is_life is taking the mountain to Mohammed with a private jump. Another eight feet should just about do it…

A post shared by moutain bike is life (@mountain_bike_is_life) on

Nice beast from @alvaromdue  in Spain here. Looks a bit clean for our liking though – are we keeping it nice for a special occasion?

A post shared by Alvaro Madueño (@alvaromdue) on

We always see vids of people landing jumps, but rarely get a close up of take off. Northern Irish rider @roy.237 has spotted a gap in the market and is going up in the world, as it were (scroll right for the video).

A post shared by @roy.237 on

Another rider from the NI motherland, @shearoo8 is ripping his way through Castlewellan Forest Park here during a recent Enduro race. The only thing we’re not sure about is why he also needed to tag Tesco Mobile in his post. If you could clear that up searoo8, that’d be great.

A post shared by SHEA ROONEY (@shearoo8) on

After an unorthodox beginning, @camilobr_ from Santa Bárbara in Colombia speeds down an amazing trail with some friends – look at those views! Of course, it’s all undone by the domestic drudgery of the washing line about 2/3 of the way through, but you know…

A post shared by Camilo Bustamante R (@camilobr_) on

@koby.johnson26 absolutely sends it in this video that’s got more whip than Indiana Jones.

A post shared by Koby Johnson (@koby.johnson26) on

@brendan_troutman tests the grip of his side walls in this video before plunging into the deep bush. Nice work Brendan!

A post shared by Brendan Troutman (@brendan_troutman) on

You’ve seen the competition, and you know what to do. Get out there, get riding, and get videoing! Oh, and don’t forget to follow us @chainreactioncycles.

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