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Why Gore’s new Shakedry jacket is a game changer

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017 11:01am
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Wondering what the fuss is all about with Gore’s new Shakedry jacket range? Naomi Freirich, our guest blogger, has been lucky enough to ride with one – here’s why she thinks it’s a game changer:

I’m a lover of all-weather riding. However, I am not a lover of waterproof jackets. They’re often heavy, do not pack down particularly small and need regular re-proofing to keep water beading on the outer surface.

In fact, I dislike using them so much that I’d often opt for getting wet and changing more frequently in races than wearing one. That was until I was asked to try out the Gore-Tex(r) Shakedry fabric.

Gore have produced this revolutionary new fabric, Shakedry, that is a game-changer. As an endurance rider, there are several features of this fabric that really appealed to me.

Firstly, it’s pack-size – it’s small, fit in your rear jersey pocket with ease small. Perfect for me as I can carry it on every ride – when I’m out riding for 5-6 hours I can experience all types of weather. Weight is super-impressive, Shakedry Jackets weigh a touch over 100 grams which is insane when you look at the level of rain and weather protection you get.

They are so light you hardly know you are wearing it, making it feel less light a waterproof and more like a lightweight windproof smock. Permanent beading – I love this, rain will always bead off the fabric as the Gore-Tex(r) membrane is the outer layer, meaning no re-proofing is ever needed. Increased breathability – another real plus for me and it really is impressive.

For me, it’s a jacket I will wear lots more in a wider range of weather conditions, not just when it’s raining, but also as a lightweight shell to block the wind. The inner fabric is super-comfy against bare forearms so with a base-layer or jersey underneath works nicely too.

So, when do I use this jacket? I carry it on every ride and over the spring, summer and autumn have found myself reaching in my rear jersey pocket for it regularly. My main focus is MTB endurance XC riding but recently I’ve dipped my toe into the world of gravel riding/ bike packing and I commute to work daily also.

I’ve used the jacket lots, it’s not a ‘waterproof’ you will only wear once the temperature drops to single digits, it’s premium but if you ride regularly you will be surprised how often you reach for it.

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