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Customer Choice Awards reveal cycling’s most popular products

Thursday, July 4th, 2019 10:08am
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Castelli Gabba

Chain Reaction Cycles has revealed cycling’s most popular products with the launch of the first ever Customer Choice Awards.

The awards represent the largest field test of the best cycling equipment ever conducted.

Through thousands of five-star rankings and shining reviews, customers around the world have revealed which cycling tech and components have proven themselves in the real world.

Chain Reaction Cycles scoured comments and feedback over many weeks, choosing only the elite kit loved by customers, with the very best qualifying for the first ever Chain Reaction Cycles Customer Choice Awards.

“We really hope riders find it useful” – campaign marketing manager, John Roche

Chosen by riders and tested on varying terrains and conditions throughout the globe, the award winners represent the very best in cycling engineering, real-world performance, and durability.

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The winners include items such as the Castelli Gabba 3 jersey (pictured above), which received a 97% recommendation rate.

But the acclaimed items will not be revealed all at once – the first batch was unveiled on 4 July, with further award-winning products published every day over the next two weeks.

Chain Reaction Cycles campaign marketing manager, John Roche, said: “The only opinion cyclists trust is the opinion of other riders, so these awards give cyclists an opportunity to hear feedback from their peers around the world.

“Cycling technology is moving so fast that it’s almost impossible to keep up with the latest products, materials, and components, so we hope riders will use these awards as a resource and to learn from the positive experiences of fellow cyclists.

“The products featured in our awards have been tested thousands of times, over many miles and terrains by riders around the world. By looking through the countless reviews and ratings, we’ve assembled a who’s-who of cycling royalty and there were a few surprises we didn’t expect.

“One of the things we learned when researching our comments and product ratings is the importance price and function play. Most cyclists just want reasonably priced components, bikes, and clothing and while sophisticated tech usually grabs the most headlines, it’s often the small, simple things that wins the hearts and minds of riders.

“We really hope riders find it useful – I certainly wish it something like this was around when I was starting out riding mountain bikes in the 1990s!”

During the two weeks of the awards, Chain Reaction Cycles will be holding competitions on social media and taking a more detailed view of many of the products featured.

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