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The best safety camera for cyclists?

Friday, August 18th, 2017 9:39am
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Is this the ultimate safety camera for cyclists? We’re going to take it for a ride, and see how it performs during a crash!

Have you had any near misses where you needed a pair of these? Let us know below…

Cycliq Fly12 Front Camera Light

The Cycliq Fly12 is the world’s first front light and camera combination. It is capable of recording and looping video in incredible 1080p resolution and blasts out an impressive 400 Lumens of light so you’ll never be caught out again.

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Cycliq Fly 6 Rear Camera Light

The Cycliq Fly 6 Rear Camera Light combines a 30 Lumen rear light with a 720p action camera mounted in a sleek weatherproof housing. The Fly 6 mounts behind your saddle to capture all the action going on behind you.

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