James Golding: Change is Good

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 2:35pm
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CRC's charity ambassador James Golding has an incredible story. With his plans to break two world records in the next year, things have really picked up pace in the last few weeks. With the influx of new sponsors and supporters has come a great deal of change. With an expanding team behind him he's also had to adapt to a new bike, new faces and even new shoes! We catch up with James for his monthly update.

After a few weeks of good training we’re finding where we’re at with fitness and what needs to be done to get ourselves in the right place for the challenge in hand. Some of it is going to take a little longer to get right – but some has gone better than expected.

It seems that all off a sudden things have come together and feels real, which I have to say left me feeling a little anxious about a couple of things! The last time I did something close to this size, that took this much commitment with training and planning, was Cycle Across America in 2011. Since then, in fact quite recently, we’ve had even more changes with new sponsors, new products, new goals, new people working on the project, a change in the plans and all of this with a relatively new family at home. Looking back now I started to think too much about the small things and it became a little unnerving. We all know change is a good thing but that doesn't always mean it’s going to go well.

Sometimes when we're used to things the way that they are you don't want them to change.

James' new Vitus Sean Kelly Limited Edition

One of the main changes that had made me a little uneasy was changing to a new bike and new shoes. They're probably two of the most important things we get to use when cycling so changing them caused me to focus too much on the 'what ifs…” and unfamiliarity of new things. A few weeks on, and I’m not sure what I was worrying about and I’m sure many of you reading this would be thinking the same thing. Crucially, when you plan on spending 8 to 14 hours a day these things need to be right.

It’s not been easy getting people to believe in what we’re doing and what we are going to achieve. Mavic offered to support us where they could, quickly followed by Vitus Bikes who came on board a month or so ago which was brilliant! I’m told that with my past I’m high risk but these guys seemed to kind of like the way I look at things and my attitude to what can be achieved.

From my point of view when it comes to wheels wouldn't I be right in saying that Mavic invented the wheel?? I’d certainly like to believe they did as in my mind they don't get much better. Then there’s my bike. Something tells you that Sean Kelly wouldn't put his name to a bike that isn't any good; but then you don’t know until you ride it and by that I mean RIDE it properly!

After using the same brand bike, shoes and helmet since I got back in the saddle after a ten year break at the beginning of 2008, I’m sure you can understand why there was some doubt in my mind. When you’re already using what has in many cases been proven to be the best available you start to think it could only go one way… 

I was wrong, very very wrong. I’m more comfortable, I’ve got a better position, my speed is up, my handling is better and my shoes feel like slippers.

Now it’s time to up the game. Change is good.

One Step At A Time, Ride For A Reason. 

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