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App promises to be key to ‘mental toughness’ in cyclists

Friday, June 14th, 2019 11:08am
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Rewire Cycling

Determination and the will to overcome is often said to be the one thing standing between cycling’s elite and competent amateurs.

But a new app is promising to end that divide, being the first to focus purely on developing your mental toughness.

There are countless brain training apps for developing memory and intelligence, but the new smartphone programme from Rewire Cycling is the first to suggest it can deliver a winning mentality for riders everywhere.

According to its founders, the patent-pending tech allows cyclists to combine brain training with traditional workouts using an indoor trainer and power meter.

It uses “proprietary cognitive brain training straps” that attach to the handlebars of the bike, wirelessly communicating with the Rewire Cycling app.

Along with training mental endurance, it also promises to reduce the perception of effort and improve focus.

Co-founder, Sun Sachs said: “We all know that mental toughness contributes to at least 50% of our athletic performance and yet how much time do we dedicate to training the mind each week?

“With Rewire we’ve broken new ground and created a totally new way to train in sport.”

Cycling’s elite competitors train for years to develop the incredible levels of mental strength needed for the gruelling punishment of pro-cycling, so many will be sceptical about the app’s claims to deliver similar powers of fortitude using only your phone.

However, the Rewire team said it has tested the app with “elite and professional endurance athletes and coaches” for the past eight months.

What do you think of the idea? Could you use a boost in mental toughness? Let us know in the comments section below.

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